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Featuring meticulously carved downcast eyes and a inflexible stance, the statue depicts Maximilien Balot, a Belgian colonial agent despatched to brutally conscript members of the Pende group to work as unpaid laborers at a subsidiary owned by modern day Unilever. The project was led by the Congolese Plantation Workers Art League , an artist collective that lives and works on a plantation owned by the 400-brand multinational consumer goods firm Unilever in Lusanga, Congo. It includes a virtual rendering of a sculpture crafted in 1931 by Congo’s Pende individuals. Suspended somewhere between fantasy and reality, the image rotates counterclockwise in opposition to a black background, revealing a new dimension with each turn. The new technology revolutionises the power to go looking dark clothing for blood stains via a purpose-built, tremendous high-resolution digicam.

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