Role of Internet in E-Commerce

Technology has allowed a lot of improvement in the internet, which has consequently allowed various industries to boom. The E-commerce industry is the greatest example. It has grown over the years, thanks to the widespread availability of the internet. Here is how the internet has been helping the e-commerce industry.


Marketing is a major aspect of business. If you have a good product or service but have not started generating revenue yet then it may be possible that your marketing strategy is not very strong. Internet has made marketing extremely easy and has allowed potential customers to reach businesses. Businesses can now target the audience they want and convey their message with great ease. Marketing has greatly improved in the era of internet; not only do we have more avenues to be creative, but we have a lot of opportunities to create jobs in the field of digital marketing, which includes SEO marketing, PPC marketing etc.

Easier communication

 Remember those days when we had to fly for a meeting in another part of the world? While it had its own perks, it also became a menace at times. With the advent of internet, there are so many options to communicate with the world while sitting at your office desk. Video calling apps like Skype, Messenger, Zoom and WhatsApp, geographical distances have become shorter over time. Not only do they save  time and effort, but also reduces business traveling cost, which give more margin to a company to spend on the betterment of its products and services.

Easier recruitment

Your employees are an asset to your company. If you have hardworking employees with the right skill set, then you have a great advantage for your company. The internet has played a major role in the recruitment of the right employees for a company. Recruitment can often be a tedious task for a company’s HR department. However, with the advent of apps like LinkedIn, you can easily filter the people who may be a good fit for company. Similarly, with the advent of social media apps like Facebook and Instagram, you can easily put up an advertisement about vacancies and interested candidates can send in their resumes.

Online shopping is amazing

This is the era of online shopping. No one wants to leave the comfort and convenience of their home to go out and shop. Online shopping also allows your customers to shop at the time they want and not on a particular time the shop is open. This is a great advantage of having your business digitally. If your website is attractive and appealing, then it is a plus factor and you can turn visitors into potential customers.

Better opportunities

There is no doubt about the fact that the internet has created better opportunities for small home based businesses to flourish. Usually, starting a business requires a lot of investment. However, with the advent of internet, many things have become easier to fit in your budget, for example marketing and inventory management. This has encouraged many people to take the plunge and start their own business creating job opportunities for so many around us. This is primarily the reason why home-based businesses flourished during the pandemic.

Final Thoughts

Internet has created many opportunities for ones who were looking to start a business and provided opportunities for growth for already existing ones. It has helped promote businesses and generate more profits, which have not only impacted individual setups but the economy as a whole.

Given its importance, it is imperative that you choose an internet carefully for your business. The type of internet you require for your business may vary from business to business. Some may require Fiber Optic Internet while some may choose satellite internet due to the pros and cons of each type. So, make sure you research well before choosing one, so it can suit you and your employees.