Issues of Housing Society Regulations in Pakistan

A housing society is one whose purpose is to give open plots for housing, dwelling homes or flats to its members, or if open plots, dwelling houses or flats have already been bought, to provide common amenities and services to its members. The following article focuses on the issues that real estate (housing) developers confront in Pakistan’s legal framework in the real estate sector. Instead of growing this sector, the current regulatory structure is a huge impediment to its growth. The challenge of land acquisition that these developers encounter will be discussed in the present study. This will also draw attention to the inconsistencies among various laws and possible remedies, such as how these laws can be harmonized and how relevant laws should be altered to promote the development of this industry.

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What should Housing Policy Look Like?

If a government wants to improve housing circumstances in the country, one of the first steps it must take is to develop a concrete housing strategy. A smart housing strategy aligns the government’s desperate efforts toward a predetermined goal and assures maximum production. Land supply, infrastructure, housing norms, rural housing, urban poor, slums and squatters, housing finance, the role of government, private sector, and community, management of housing stock, disadvantaged groups, and fiscal and legal framework are the most important factors to consider when developing a housing policy.

Maintenance Fees are Exorbitant

Examples are water, service, common electricity, and other prescribed components for which the member must pay maintenance charges. However, in many situations, the managing committee has witnessed billing members for surplus expenses under false pretenses, such as charges for maintaining pets, utilizing elevators for carrying new furniture, etc.

Parking Woes

Parking issues are one of the most typical difficulties that swiftly turn into disputes among residents. Using other people’s parking spaces or guests parking their cars recklessly in no parking locations can easily irritate locals. As a result, it’s critical to devise a well-thought-out and well-executed strategy that benefits everyone. A single parking spot for a single vehicle is ideal in an apartment complex. MC members reach an amicable agreement in a parking shortage by drawing slots or operating on a first-come, first-served basis. Legally, 5% of the parking area must be left empty for visitors.

Corrupt Committee Members

It’s no secret that where authority is concentrated, corruption thrives. In the case of housing societies’ managing committees, some dishonest members or office bearers misuse monies for personal gain, and some committee members remain unconcerned. Misappropriation of society funds and falsified statements, charging members with excessive fees, writing off pending dues from select members, embezzling cash through redevelopment loans, bribing authorities for fraudulent charges, and other incidents are frequently reported as complaints.

Safety Issues

The feeling of security is one of the reasons why people favor gated communities. It is not always safe, though; the risk of outsiders penetrating a society’s gate is higher, especially if strict security measures are not in place. Some societies have been observed to be careless when it comes to planning out these measures, such as failing to monitor CCTV footages or failing to repair or replace outdated CCTV cameras, dimly lit common areas such as corridors, stairwells, lifts, and parking areas, failing to keep a visitor ledger at the gate, or having a team of ineffective security guards. These errors can lead to undesirable crimes such as theft, trespassing, and damage to society property, among other things.

Builder not doing his Due Diligence

You may have witnessed cases of builder/developer negligence or profiteering, such as the sale of vacant parking lots, the unauthorized rental of common areas within society premises, the failure to obtain Occupation and Completion Certificates, the failure to make building plans available to the society, and the failure to execute conveyance and property cards in the name of the society. They don’t always split the profits from selling hoarding spaces or mobile tower space on the terrace, unfairly utilizing the FSI/TDR building for other purposes.

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Last Thoughts

In a housing society, problems might arise unexpectedly or regularly. On the other hand, residential societies may settle any problem amicably without the involvement of local authorities with little collaboration from both parties (residents and MC). If it doesn’t work, try settling a problem through face-to-face dialogue. Most of these concerns can be resolved without making a fuss if you file a formal written complaint. It would be best to only approach local authorities as to the last option.

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