Hiring in Spain: What You Need to Know

As a Spanish expat, it is important to know about the Spanish workforce and how it operates. Spain has the same primary work culture of CV, cover letter, and experience level for regular employment. And as a foreigner, it is important to note that getting a regular job in Spain is not easy.

There are so many processes involved, and while searching for jobs, most foreigners can resort to freelance work while figuring out the next step. There are many forums where freelancers can thrive. A good example is Fiverr. However, not everyone in Spain is a freelancer or interested in freelancing.

For people interested in knowing more about regular work programming in Spain, this article provides a rundown on important things to know about work and hire in the country.

·       How to Get a Job as a Foreigner

While there are freelancer opportunities in Spain, focusing on freelance jobs is not the priority of Spanish expats, especially if you require a work visa to keep you in the country. With this, a fundamental part of moving to Spain as a foreigner is knowing how to get a job.

There are various requirements and criteria for getting a job in Spain. For EU nationals, there is the freedom to work and live in Spain without any restrictions after payment of temporary residency. But, for non-EU nationals, you will require a work visa to guarantee your eligibility to work in Spain. The requirements for getting a work visa include; a job contract slip from a Spanish employer, a copy of your national identification number, and a fee attached.

·       Best Way to Get Hired in Spain as a Foreigner

As a non-EU resident in Spain, while looking for a job, the first place to locate available jobs is by checking job boards that list job shortages.

Aside from locating job shortage lists, you can go into tourism if you’re fluent in foreign languages like English. You can go into teaching as teaching English as a second language is a lucrative field that hires job seekers easily in Spain.

·       Applying for Job in Spain

When applying for jobs in Spain, it is important to use the Spanish CV style, which includes; personal details: full name, date of birth, nationality, marital status, address, contact with international code. A headshot of yourself is attached to the CV, work experience,  educational background, language(s), skills, and other interests, with an optional mention of referees.

A job hunting hack for foreigners in Spain is to prioritize language in your CV as they are most sought after in Spain.

·       Interview Tips

When in Spain, you act as the Spanish. So, learn some basic Spanish, avoid arriving late for an interview, use usted or ustedes (you) to address recruiters and not tu. It’s a formal way to address people in Spanish. If you have previous company or business contacts, list and use them during your interview as personal connections are valued in Spain, especially in the workforce.

Having a basic knowledge of Spanish culture is another important thing to note while moving to Spain. It informs you about certain areas of its workforce, especially since both often conflate. And together with the above-listed points, you are ready to find yourself a job in Spain.

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