Birch Gold Overview: Differences Between Physical and Stock Investments

It is essential to understand that the best way to diversify your portfolio is by investing in gold. However, you should conduct proper research that will help you understand whether you should invest in physical commodities or stocks.

Each one of them comes with particular benefits and downsides, which are something you need to, remember. Remember that stocks tend to function as any other solution because you are going to invest in companies that mine it instead of you.

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On the other hand, physical gold is a stable investment that will provide you peace of mind when it comes to potential market volatilities and inflation.

However, buying it is not that simple, and it could be an expensive initial investment, which is why you will need initial capital.

Should You Invest In Stocks?

Stocks or paper gold functions the same way as any other investment option. Generally, you are buying shares of a particular company with the idea that its value will increase so that you can get a return on investment.

If you choose with stocks, you do not own gold but buying stocks from companies, which are connected to it. Therefore, the investment should mimic the price of gold in theory, but it depends on other factors as well.

However, it still operates opposite the stock market, which means that in case of disaster, you will stay safe.

Types of Stocks

  • ETFs – If you decide to invest in ETFs or exchange-traded funds, you won’t own a physical commodity. Instead, you are going to invest in assets that come with gold as a backup for its success and drive. Therefore, using it for a retirement account means that you should know that the IRA requires having solid pieces.
  • Mining Stocks – We have mentioned above that investing in mining stocks will follow the value of gold, but they are not as safe as a physical commodity. Generally, investing in businesses is risky because numerous factors can affect its value apart from the gold prices. Therefore, if the mining is not successful or poorly managed, you will lose the investment no matter if the prices of gold spiked.

Advantages of Investing in Stocks

  • Easy To Liquidate – Since everything appears and operates like a traditional stock market, you will be able to sell your investment in a matter of seconds.
  • Avoid Additional Expenses – You do not have to find a safety deposit for storing the physical commodity, which is an important consideration for some people. At the same time, you do not have to protect it by insurance coverage because stocks cannot be stolen from your possession.

Disadvantages of Investing in Stocks

  • You Are Not The Owner of Gold – Investing in ETFs means that you are operating like someone who invests in a company and not a commodity. Therefore, you will not have protection against the financial crisis and inflation.

Should You Invest in Physical Gold?

When it comes to owning a physical commodity, we are talking about bullions that are in the form of coins and bars. If you wish to place it in a retirement account, you need to get the pure ones that are approved by the IRS.


  • Gold Bars – You can choose either minted or cast gold bars. Cast ones are created in a mold, while minted ones are poured into the metal. Generally, cast ones are less perfect and rougher, while minted ones are smooth and shiny.
  • Coins – On the other hand, numerous mints across the globe create gold coins on an annual basis. These coins come with a face value, and you can, in theory, use them as currency.

Advantages of Owning Physical Precious Metal

  • You Will Own It – Compared with paper stocks, you will be able to hold in your hands the investment you made. At the same time, the process does not involve intermediary, and it will not fluctuate and depend on numerous factors, similar to the stock market.
  • Hedge Against Financial Crisis – As soon as stock market investments fall, the economy enters the recession, which drives gold prices up. Therefore, in cases of a stock market crash or if the paper currency becomes obsolete, gold can be used as currency similarly as before.

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Disadvantages of Owning Physical Precious Metal

  • You Need To Use Custodian – The IRS states that we cannot store the physical gold in our homes because the process of owing and storing it involves finding professional and certified IRA and custodians recognized by the IRS.