Why Install A Dashcam In Your HGV

If you make a living driving a heavy good vehicle, then you probably spend most of your time on the busy roads. During this period, it is common to come across various challenges as well as accidents. Some of these accidents can be serious and unavoidable, while others could be avoided. When working as an HGV driver, it is vital to have a kit packed with all the essentials you need, and one thing that most drivers do not think about taking along is a dashcam. This gadget might be small in size, but it should be installed in every HGV, no matter whether you have a c1 licence or otherwise. Below are a few reasons why this gadget is essential for HGV drivers.

Record Accidents That The HGV Is Involved In.

An accident can occur at any given period because of various reasons and at any place. Cases of accidents are known to lead to minor and severe injuries as well as damage to property.
Another factor that you need to be aware of is that an accident can occur very fast, making it impossible to determine what happened. Because of reason, insurance providers take longer than expected to conclude which party is at fault since a lot of time is used to investigate the matter.

Yearly insurance premiums for HGV drivers is very high, and being blamed for an accident only makes things worse. However, by using a dashcam, HGV drivers do not have to explain what happened since this device will record everything happening on the road. That means, in case of an accident, it will be easy to determine the party at fault since everything will be seen on the footage recorded by the dashcam.

Avoid Road Scams Such As ‘Crash For Cash’

Unfortunately, there are other drivers who use the road with the purpose of causing an accident. These scammers usually cause accidents knowingly and then accuse the other driver of being at fault. After that, what follows is filing a huge insurance claim, which they force you to pay. These fraudsters are experts at what they do, and they usually confuse other drivers by stepping on the emergency brakes suddenly or by slowing down where they are not supposed to, such as a busy highway.

However, by using a dashcam, such issues can easily be identified and solved. The dashcam will not prevent the accident from taking place, but it will record the entire incident. Later on, the recorded footage will clearly show what happened, the Why Install A Dashcam In Your HGV

insurance providers, as well as the authorities, will be able to determine who is to blame for the accident.

Report Reckless Drivers.

As mentioned early, it is common for HGV drivers to come across various challenges, including accidents and other reckless drivers. Some HGV drivers are known to speed and cut other drivers off. Such acts are not only annoying but tend to endanger other road users as well. HGV drivers are required to be more responsible and careful when using the road since they are operating commercial vehicles.

By installing a dashcam on each HGV vehicle, it will be easy to identify drivers who do not obey traffic rules. Moreover, the recorded footage can be used as physical proof and be presented to the authorities as evidence. Such a gadget can make the roads safer since bad drivers can easily be identified and charged for their offence.