What’s The Ideal Body Shaper For You

One must-have item in any foundation wardrobe is the classic body shaper. But, why is it so beloved by customers of Elle Courbee? It is first important to recognise the importance of the structure of a body shaper. Simply put, it refers to its anchoring points at the crotch and shoulders.

The best feature of all body shapers is the anchoring. It prevents both roll up and roll down, thus keeping the garment reliable and sturdy. It is what makes this specific type of shapewear most effective and versatile of all the styles out there. So, how should you choose?


Which areas do you wish to focus your shapewear’s compression?


Thighs are sometimes a forgotten area of shaping, but a sleek, natural line actually starts at the thigh, So, a body shaper which compresses the body from the thigh all the way to an anchor on the shoulder is the best way to achieve an uninterrupted silhouette.


The fact that body shapers are cut in panels is one of the greatest things about them. That way, a garment that offers firm waist compression is able to specifically focus on that area, thus preventing any visible hem lines around the body.


Body shapers have a variety of options from an open bust shaping slip that allows you to select your own bra to a push up corset style. Bust compression is a key, variable factor in both of the garments. Such a level of flexibility means that the body shaper can be used in a wide variety of occasions.


You want to choose your shape to fit your mood, from the subtle to the dramatic. So, which one do you choose?


If you want to achieve the enviable hourglass line, try looking for waist hugging body shapers. However, it is not all about the waist. To complete and complement your hourglass shape, height to the breasts is needed along with a smooth line to the hips. That’s why a good body shaper provides support across these areas thus building the silhouette.


Smooth and elegant lines that are a bit subtle won’t seek to change your natural shape. So, a long-line light to medium compression body shaper would be ideal. Long leg body shapers are ideal since they create the most uninterrupted silhouette.


You either love or hate aesthetic detail. That’s why body shapers come in different styles ranging from elaborate lacework to sleek modernism. If your shaper will be sitting under a snug outfit, try minimising any details likely to cause interruptions to your silhouette.


Some people prefer going for white or nude thus minimising any chance of visibility. Alternatively, you may prefer the confident feeling provided by darker colours such as black and navy blue for evening wear.


What’s the ideal everyday body shaper? A simple underwired body suit is anchored firmly, supports you from the hip to the breast, and keeps you practically and comfortably supported.


A shaping slip is typically anchored from the shoulders thus focussing compression around the hips, waist, and thighs. That means that a casual or formal dress will hang smoothly and naturally.

The great thing about having such an impressive range of body shapers existing is that you aren’t limited to choosing just one. The reality is that you have different occasions and moods to dress for. So, why not ensure that your collection of body shapers covers you for work and play, winter and summer, as well as coquette to bombshell!