Ways to Green Your Business Without Spending Lots of Money

People are becoming increasingly conscious of the seriousimpact that humanity is having on the environment and although more attentionhas been brought to the importance of recycling, it is still not enough. Still,only 27{1144cfda284f46a1daec2b1049fcd616b6f26171b3506feecc38a83437d42f6f} of plastic bottles are being recycled. This means a whole 73{1144cfda284f46a1daec2b1049fcd616b6f26171b3506feecc38a83437d42f6f} arebeing distributed to landfills where they sit for up to 1,000 years todecompose. Not only is this damaging for the environment, but this is alsoaffecting the planets sea life whereby a devastating 100,000 marine animals dieeach year from plastic pollution in our oceans.

What people don’t realise is how easy it is to make a difference. But what about when it comes to sustainability in the workplace?  Not only does being sustainable positively impact the world in which we live in, but it is also a great way to make your business stand out from the crowd. Here are some simple steps on how to go green.

Turn the Power Off

It may seem obvious but there is nothing better for saving energy than switching the lights off when not in use. Of course, you are not expected to work in the dark, so when light is needed, switching to energy-saving light bulbs will improve sustainability and also save you some money. Before leaving the office, be sure that all equipment is switched off including computer screens and laptops. By turning all of your power off, it can help reduce energy by at least 25{1144cfda284f46a1daec2b1049fcd616b6f26171b3506feecc38a83437d42f6f}.


All workplaces should provide recycling bins and employees should be expected to use them accordingly. Education the employees on the reasons for recycling and its impact on the environment will encourage them to do it regularly. Setting incentives and targets is also a good way to promote recycling so people don’t become lazy and complacent.

Condensing Pollution

Industrial sites can be detrimental to the environment due to the abundance of emission from both the building and the workers. Preventing harmful emissions may seem like a daunting task but are a great way of prevention is by installing industrial ventilation systems that consciously aim to reduce the amount of pollution that they release into the atmosphere. Air purification systems like stainless steel ducting are also advisable when it comes to emitting less toxicity into the atmosphere.


Replacing outdated appliances to their greener opposition is a great way to make a positive change and improve sustainability. When shopping, look for the yellow tags that indicated the appliances is sustainable. Although the upfront cost may appear greater, economic and environmental savings are promised in the long-run.

Use Biodegradable Cleaners

Using natural biodegradable cleaning products will reduces the exposure of harmful chemicals and toxins to the environment. Many stores now sell green products in bulk so next time your run out, make a conscious effort to find these as this is a great way to help the environment.