Fast and Easy way to install wireless backup cameras

Wireless backup cameras are the cameras that are not hardwired into a rig and instead rely on wireless technology. As the name applies, their function is to help one while backing up and puts a stop to us turning around your head and look out of the window. These backup cameras have become a necessity and considering their smaller size, they improve one’s driving experience and not just this, people have started considering wireless backup cameras as a replacement for rearview mirror. Benefits of using a wireless backup camera involves helping to reverse a vehicle, preventing collision and to some extent helping to save money because it provides more than one service.

Interesting thing is you can have the  peace of mind that comes with a rearview camera in your old car as well as the recent model that lacks this facility because the process to install one is very easy. You can easily find a backup camera kit from the market and help yourself.  The cost varies depending on the size and resolution of the digital screen and the kit includes a camera that should be mounted on your license plate, a wireless transmitter to send videos and a rear view mirror that comes with a screen. You need to pass the signal wire to the interior by drilling a small hole in the trunk and protect it through the grommet that is in the kit. The transmitter is spliced into the wirings of the backup light and turns on when the car is in reverse. Mounting the camera would take nearly 15 minutes and is very convenient to do so.

Next step is placing the new mirror over the older one, which is even easier than the first step. Velcro strips are wrapped around it to keep in place. The power cord of the mirror tucked into the headliner and the wire’s route is down the driver side A-pillar. Screwdriver and trimmer may come in handy if your A-pillar trim doesn’t come off by-hand. The next step can either be plugging it into the cigarette lighter or installing it permanently by tying it to the fuse box. This whole installation process takes 30-45, approximately. You’ll be impressed with yourself as you drive and reverse your car with the wireless backup camera you installed yourself in no time. In events like electromagnetic interference, you can turn the mirror off which isn’t a big deal.

Make sure that the camera you buy is specifically for your vehicle. You also might have to buy power and camera cords if they are not included in the kit, however the majority of the cameras wireless transmitter. In conclusion it is very easy and fairly simple to install a rear view camera on your own if you are comfortable with removing a little interior, wiring and trimming. Plus of you’re fine with drilling holes in your car, the existing channels in the car works equally fine. Along with this temporarily mounting your camera is also possible if you don’t  want to install it permanently. The kits provides by the manufacturers have already made the process quite easy for you and as said, the process doesn’t take alot of your time and you can enjoy a safe driving experience!