Choosing equipment and office supplies same as important as choosing the right office for a business. This is because it will not only affect productivity. However, choosing the right office equipment and supplies will attract many prospective workers.

Not only that, buying the wrong office equipment and supplies will have an impact on less efficient use which affects work productivity, as well as expenses. Therefore, before buying the following office equipment and supplies.

1. Pay Attention to Prices

With running a new business, financial matters are a sensitive issue. You must be able to arrange it in such a way so that the income and expenditure of the budget can be effective. Likewise with buying office equipment. By buying equipment, it means you are investing in the progress of the company.

Make sure you buy items that are following the company’s financial condition. Also, consider whether the items purchased can be of benefit to workers so that they can increase their productivity.

2. Office Supplies

Pay attention to what the most important office needs are. After that, then you can determine what equipment to buy. Comfortable tables and chairs for your employees are very important to buy. Because later, they will spend a lot of time in that place. You don’t want to buy uncomfortable tables and chairs because this will interfere with employee concentration and work quality.

Also, determine what concept you want. If you want to create a relaxed atmosphere, buy a large table with lots of chairs. If you want to create an office with a formal atmosphere, you can buy a table with cubicles. The most important of both is to create a conducive office and support your business.

3. Equipment Effectiveness

The function of each office equipment and supplies that you buy has a different level of effectiveness and frequency of use. Therefore, prioritize what office equipment and supplies you should buy first based on the level of effectiveness and also the frequency of use.

4. Multifunctional and Flexible

Another thing you need to consider is the function and equipment purchased. Does the table you buy also have a cupboard for storing things? Is it comfortable to stretch your legs under the table? Is the table wide enough to store all the equipment you need? If so, that means you have invested well in buying the table. Not only that, good equipment must be flexible in the sense that it is portable as well as storage.

5. Suitable Size

The size of office equipment and supplies purchased must match the size of the office you have. By buying large equipment in a small office, you will make employees uncomfortable at work. By buying small equipment in a large office, your office will look empty. So, get to know the size of your office with certainty, and start buying equipment that is the right size. The key is that the state of the equipment should not hinder the mobility of workers in the office.

6. Promoting Corporate Identity and Beauty

A comfortable office is a beautiful office. This is reflected in the interior, design, color, and other office equipment supplies. By choosing the right office equipment, the office ambiance will also be more attractive and comfortable for employees while working and also visiting guests.

In addition to the factors already mentioned, also make sure that the equipment and equipment you buy can show company identity. So, don’t just choose beautiful ones, but also prioritize company values ​​and culture.

7. Cleanliness of Office Equipment and Supplies

The cleanliness of the equipment and equipment that you buy is one thing that must be considered. Wherever you buy office equipment, make sure that it arrives in good condition and clean. Also, buy tools that are easy to clean. This factor does not only affect the beauty of the office. But also on employee activities. Dirty office equipment can become a hotbed of disease for employees that cause illnesses easily.

Buying office equipment and supplies may sound like an easy job. You may be exhausted from looking for the right needs and fulfilling the seven factors mentioned above. However, this is a form of effort that must be made for the progress of the company. Therefore, to make it easier to find your office needs, you can buy equipment and supplies at Staples. Staples is the leading e-commerce in B2B and B2G services in the procurement of office supplies; home office supplies; stationery shop, etc.