3 Ways to Fix Shorted Electricity Safely

You certainly have heard the term electrical short circuit, right? This situation can occur in various places due to negligence in the use of electricity sources that trigger sparks. This electrical short circuit can attack various types of residential houses with various building concepts that are used. This needs to be considered carefully, do not let your simple minimalist home or a variety of other minimalist home designs become victims of fire due to carelessness in the use of electricity.

Electrical shortages you need to know because this danger can cause disasters ranging from small fires to large fires. Therefore, every house is recommended to do the installation at home equipped with safety devices for short circuit currents. You can use the best electrical service of Colorado Springs Electricians when installing or repairing your electricity at your home.

But you also really need to know how to repair electrical short-circuit safely. Before knowing this method, it helps you know how to detect a short circuit without using any tools. With some of these tips and tricks, you can find electrical zippers that are just as accurate when detecting using a tester. The following are some of the stages, namely:

  • Search calmly. In a short circuit, you must remain in a calm condition and not panic. If your house does not take electricity illegally, there is usually little chance that a shortage of electricity can cause a fire. This is because each electrical installation will generally be equipped with a safety system, a minimum of two electrical safeguards in the form of MCB or miniature circuit breakers.
  • The electricity is cut off. If there is a short circuit, the MCB will automatically cut off the electricity. After that, the MCB will fall and cause a complete power outage or only partially.
  • Put everything off. If the MCB is in the off position, raise it to the on position, but if it turns out the position is back to the off position, this means there is an electrical shortage. Leave the MCB position, the switch and all sockets in the off position. Then turn off all the equipment in the house.
  • Set the position of the MCB. If all equipment is dead, return the MCB position to on.
  • Turn on the lights. After turning on the MCB, all lights, sockets and other equipment are then turned on one by one. If when turning on one of the light switches, the MCB falls back again, then therein lies the electrical short circuit.

How to detect short-circuit electricity is actually quite easy, right? Detecting it is not enough, but you also need to know how to overcome it. Next is how to fix the short circuit. The following are the stages of implementation, see!

Replace the light bulb

If through the process of detecting electrical zippers found in the lamp, then all you need to do is to replace the old light bulb with a new one. Enough to open the old light bulb in a state of death, then pair with the others. In some cases, light bulbs can also cause electrical shortages due to interrupted or broken flow.

Repair the socket

If it turns out the electrical short circuit occurs at the socket, then the first step you need to do is to open the socket with an electric screwdriver or a test pen. After disconnecting, separate each plug wire and isolate the end of the cable. then you can replace the old socket with a new product.

If the damage is not to the lamp or the socket

If the electrical short circuit is not found on the house lights or socket, this damage is most likely to occur in the series of installation cables installed at the top of the ceiling or ceiling. The cause can be derived from rat bites due to cables that are not laid carefully, or it could be caused by a leak on the roof that causes the installation cable to become wet until finally shorted. If you have this, you cannot carelessly restore conditions to normal. Contact an expert to overcome this.