Reasons Your Business Needs SEO

SEO has become one of the most important strategies to maximise your brand’s visibility within the marketplace, even though many people don’t know how search engines or SEO even work. However, it offers much more value than you might assume. Here are some of the reasons you should be taking your SEO seriously to elevate your brand in today’s digital marketplace.

1. Organic Search Has Become the Primary Source of Web Traffic

More than anything, organic search has become such an integral component of maximising a website’s performance. It has even become one of the critical stages of a buyer’s funnel.

As a lot of marketers will attest, Google is the dominate player in the search engine space. They currently have a lot more of the market share than some of the other players in the space that include Bing, DuckDuckGo, just to name a few.

That’s not necessarily saying that other search engine providers don’t play a role in determining a brand’s visibility – as they certainly do. However, Google does own 75{1144cfda284f46a1daec2b1049fcd616b6f26171b3506feecc38a83437d42f6f} of the entire search market which makes them a major player. Therefore, it is important to focus your optimisation efforts on Google, but also pay attention to the other search engine provider recommendations since they do own the large remaining chunk of market share.

Google is currently the most visited website in the entire world. Likewise, they are the largest email provider and they have the largest user base of mobile operating users. They even operate the second largest search engine in the world that is YouTube. Because of this, anyone located in a portion of the world that has Internet access is requesting information from Google services once per day at a minimum.

Thus, getting your website ranking as high as possible within Google will always work in your brand’s favour. The implementation of effective SEO practices, including those provided by companies like Leapfrog Internet Marketing, and enhancing your website’s overall quality is the key to achieving high rankings.

2. SEO Can Build Trust in Your Brand

Consumers have learned to trust search engine results. The entire goal of the implementation of your SEO should be to achieve high rankings because it can help your brand gain trust in the crowded marketplace.

Several elements can go into being able to establish authority in the marketplace with high Google rankings. Along with the factors we’ve discussed above, you can accrue authority as a result of the successful implementation of the following elements:

Being able to establish authority will go a long ways towards bringing your brand to the forefront of the marketplace. Perhaps even more so than all of the other optimisations you can make. The problem is, it can be nearly impossible to build the level of consumer trust you want overnight. This is the type of thing that takes time, energy, and consistency to achieve.

3. Effective SEO Means Delivering a Better End-User Experience

Every single customer wants to be able to get better organic rankings and boost visibility. Very few people understand that optimising the end-user experience is one of the biggest factors that can contribute to getting there.

Google is a search engine that has learned how to figure out whether or not a website delivers such an optimised experience and they’ve used their knowledge to create a search engine that does just that. Customers are fully aware of what they want and they will go elsewhere if they aren’t able to find it.

One of the clearest examples of this can be found by looking at how Google has managed to become the go-to search engine provider for all types of questions. They’ve managed to deliver an experience that is optimised for the end-user to deliver them the information they are seeking with a few clicks needed as possible. This type of experience will always work in the brand’s favour.