Polyethylene Foam, the Ideal Material for Packaging and Protection

Polyethylene foam is the most used material in industries for the packaging, cushioning and protection of products. It is made of an organic polymer. Depending on the chosen processes for manufacturing and finishing, it is possible to form different varieties of polyethylene foam. Thus, the common forms are planks and rolls, but the manufacturer can also make a tailor made PE foam according to the needs of the user.

The Different Types of Polyethylene Foam Packaging

There are three types of polyethylene foam according to the manufacturing process but also the treatment applied in the base material:

    – Closed cell foam which is mainly used for insulation and waterproofing. It can be used as a seal for doors, windows and bay windows. It can also be used to pack and protect products against air contact, humidity and thermal variations.

    – Reticulated foam is for its part a better solution to pack fragile objects and protect them against shocks. It is also waterproof, lightweight and rot-proof.

    – Double-sided polyethylene foam is generally reserved for assemblies.

Each variety has its specificities and presents advantages for different applications. If you want to purchase quality polyethylene foam packaging for your finished products, you can go on this web page https://novostrat.com/full-extruded-polyethylene-foam-planks/.

Polyethylene Foam Packaging Properties and applications

Polyethylene has several chemical and physical properties that make it an interesting industrial material. Thermoplastic, it is very malleable and can be given all the forms once heated to the right temperature. Chemically inert and with a very high resistance to cold, this product is ideal for use under heavy constraints. Polyethylene foam is then used in various fields. To obtain the form and qualities required, it must be processed well.

Used as a packaging solution, the PE foam guarantees excellent cushioning of any type of product ensures an easy transport. It is particularly suitable for fragile goods and protects them against shocks effectively. Furthermore, a specific process is performed to increase the shock absorption capacity of the polyethylene foam. As this foam is easy to cut, it can take any desired shape and size. Distribution actors use it as a counter, but it can also serve as a medium of presentation for weapons and small equipment. In short, it is easy to handle and allows to realize very precise shapes.

In order to benefit the best properties of polyethylene foam packaging, it is necessary to contact a specialist, he can perform all the processing steps required to achieve the right result.